Wholesale Customers

Looking for a bulk order or wholesale prices? We have the perfect option!
Order direct – ensuring your order goes straight to our sales team based in our factory, and is dealt with as the highest priority. Not only do we keep a huge amount of stock items readily available for shipping, we have a state of the art design and production facilities, ensuring that whatever your order size, you can expect an efficient turnaround. For over 2 decades, our factory has supplied a variety of jewelry ranges to customers around the world, from small shops to some of the world’s largest retailers, which goes to show how trusted our products and services have become.

Our operation is run with the strictest of controls from in-house design, through manufacture, to packing and guaranteed on-time delivery.

We also operate in a sustainable basis so that our customers can shop with even more peace of mind. We prioritize our employees health and training, work with established quality methods such as ISO:9001, and work to support our local community. 

Our customer service department consists of a dedicated team of international advisers, speaking a variety of languages. 

Orders for wholesale require only a $99 minimum order, which comes with free international shipping.

To access our wholesale website, please click here: Wholesale Website.