About KoolKatana

The KoolKatana® project started in the winter months of 2009. The mission was to create a brand of surgical stainless steel jewelry that would exceed the quality and design standards known in the industry today. A primary focus was to provide the Tattoo and Piercing industry with a line of jewelry that customers can identify with strongly. Thus, the designs are cutting edge and very different than what is available anywhere else.  KoolKatana® accessories will blend seamlessly with your tattoo and piercing styles!

Salamander Jewelry (www.body-piercing.com), with the help of a French designer developed the KoolKatana® brand of modern steel jewelry.

KoolKatana® is "Steel with Style" and merges timeless jewelry crafting techniques with new technology and high-grade, surgical stainless steel.  The entire collection is made by casting surgical stainless steel, which is a process that opens many more possibilities than what is normally achieved with machine made steel jewelry.  Because we cast it, we can achieve all the shapes found in traditional jewelry.

After casting, all KoolKatana® jewelry is assembled, set and polished by hand by master craftsmen. Once polished, surgical stainless steel will not tarnish nor oxidize. It can shine for a lifetime.

In September 2010, the KoolKatana® line of surgical stainless steel jewelry was first presented at the Bangkok Gems and Jewelry show. The brand was an instant success with distributors in many countries. The first catalog was sent out and this website was created. The website showcases the KoolKatana® collection.

A new high quality KoolKatana® collection came out in spring of 2012. These new additions still follow the original intent of the designer to provide high quality jewelry that reflects the piercing and tattoo culture.